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Wilson Tennis Academy

Our coaches are dedicated to the sport and trained to provide instruction based on the latest research and the newest international developments. It is important to us that we work in a safe environment and with good equipment. Our coaches are selected on their passion for the game and their attitude to help improving others.

We expect good attitude and sportsmanship of all players.

Wilson Tennis Academy is a program designed for players who want to further advance their game

To join the Academy players must meet the following criteria:
  • Tournaments – Have competed in or have a desire to compete in Regional and National Tennis tournaments
  • Interclub – Have participated in or have a desire to participate in Interclub tournaments
  • Scoring & Rules – Players must have sound scoring ability as well as a robust understanding of the rules of tennis.
The Wilson Academy is broken into three key levels
Ø Tier 1 – Elite – Grading S6 or better
Ø Tier 2 – Performance – Grading S9 or better
Ø Tier 3 – Development – S10 and below

Training Squad Guidelines

We have set some clear guidelines as to which squad you are able to train in.

We have done this to keep players training with a similar ability to most of the time. We understand this may mean it could affect some of your current sessions and apologies for this.

  • Players doing 1 or 2 Squads must do their training in their own Tier
  • Players doing 3/4 Squads can do 1 squad in Tier above (Excluding Elite)
  • Players doing 5 Squads can do 2 sessions in Tier above (Excluding Elite)
Classes missed can be made up in the same term; if there are any issues with this we will consider it on a case by case basis.

Footwork/Movement sessions will be available to all WTA members.